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If you have a hairy question that you just have to get answered, please feel welcome to email us on and we will answer you personally via email, or when you next come into the Salon and for the common curly ones, right here in our hair care FAQ section.
How often should I have my hair cut?
Every five to six weeks is the usual life span of a style cut. Shorter styles may need more frequent cuts as they will lose shape and become hard to manage. Too book your next haircut please contact us.
How can I stop my ends from splitting?
To help prevent split ends, never dry your hair by rubbing it with a towel. Instead wrap the towel around your hair like a turban. After washing, always use a leave-in conditioner to add extra condition and shine. Get your hair trimmed at least every six weeks to prevent further breakage.
Should I shampoo my hair before I get my hair coloured?
You shouldn't shampoo immediately before colouring as this will remove the natural oils that protect your scalp during the colouring process. It is best to shampoo your hair 24 hours prior to colouring.
How do I keep my hair colour vibrant and prevent fading?
Use a shampoo and conditioner formulated for colour treated hair and avoid exposing your hair to the sun. The sun is a natural hair lightener, and over-exposure can cause hair to fade or even change colour. Shampoo or rinse your hair immediately after swimming in chlorine or salt water. Chemicals left in the hair can accelerate fading especially when mixed with the sun.
What sort of maintenance and care should I be doing to my hair?
Use shampoos and conditioners recommended to you by a professional who knows your hair type. Use hair treatments on a regular basis to make your hair softer and shinier.
What can I do if my hair is dry?
Dry hair needs regular trims as well as regular hair treatment masques. Use products that contain oils and moisture - they keep your hair in good condition. When blow drying or using heat on your hair, always use relevant styling products and heat protecting creams.
How do I get the haircut I want?
The best way to get the haircut you desire is through communication! If you have a picture, bring it along with you - it is the most effective way to show your stylist or colourist what you want. Be honest with your stylist about your hair maintenance - what you do at home can make a big difference to the look you are trying to achieve. If your hair is heavily styled, let your hairdresser know what it looks like naturally. Tell your stylist how much effort you are willing to put into your hair, if you are trying to achieve a certain fashion style, what you like and don’t like – it all helps. Lastly, set limits - if you are unsure of what you want, let them know what you don't want and work from there.
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