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Haircare Tips & Tricks
We have loads of hair care tips and tricks up our sleeve to help you keep the bad hair days away!

We have compiled a few of our favourites hair care tips and tricks for you below, so take a look and start self styling today. If you have any hare care tips or tricks that you would like to share with us and our fabulous clientele, please feel welcome to email them to and we will post the team voted favourites right here!
Dry Hair Faster
To make your hair styling quicker and easier wrap your head in a towel for a good 5-10 minutes after shampooing and conditioning so that when it comes to drying your hair will not be saturated and will be quicker to dry.
Fringe Finesse
For an unruly fringe not sitting correctly due to a cowlick, blow dry fringe in the opposite direction. This will give root lift and settle the cowlick and allow hair to be more settled when placed back in its normal position.
Beat the Frizz
To avoid frizzy hair always blow dry down and never up. By blow-drying down you will smooth all the cuticles the one way avoiding fuzz.
Mens Hairstyle Trick
For those males who feel their style is not lasting, make sure your hair is 100% dry, then add product. If the hair is damp it weakens the styling aids strength therefore causing the hair to fall down or not stay in its original style.
Headbands Hide Regrowth
When hair is showing regrowth and is between appointments, back comb and use a headband to disguise the regrowth. Headbands are definately making a comeback at the moment.
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